Can cooling racks go in the oven?

March 16, 2024

Can cooling racks go in the oven?

Cooling racks are essential tools in our daily baking, primarily used to let baked goods cool down quickly. However, many wonder if they can also be used in the oven, especially for baking or reheating food, rather than just speeding up cooling. Here, we will explore whether cooling racks can withstand the high temperatures of an oven and how to use them safely inside one.

Whether a cooling rack is suitable for oven use depends on its material composition. Cooling racks are usually made of stainless steel or iron with coated. Because stainless steel has a high heat resistance, cooling racks made from stainless steel are generally suitable for oven use. However, those with a coating should be used with caution, the coating may release harmful substances at high temperatures.


Even if your cooling rack is made of stainless steel, you still need to check the product manual to confirm that it can withstand oven temperatures. Some cooling racks are only meant for cooling at room temperature and may not be suitable for the high-temperature environment inside an oven.


When you are considering using a cooling rack in the oven, follow these safety and efficacy recommendations:

Know the temperature limit: Ensure your cooling rack can withstand the highest temperature to avoid damage in the oven.

Avoid direct contact with heating elements: Place the cooling rack on a baking sheet, rather than directly on the oven rack or close to heating elements, to prevent overheating and potential damage.

In summary, whether cooling racks can be used in the oven depends on their materials and construction. Carefully read the product instructions and follow the safety tips mentioned above. Using cooling racks correctly not only ensures your baked goods turn out as expected but also prevents kitchen accidents, making your baking experience more enjoyable and successful.

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